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using the latest GTMOAuth2 for mac, regular oAuth authentication with username and password works fine. But clicking sign in with google account does not present the google login page.

enter image description here

how can we fix it.

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It's possibly GTMOAuth2 suppresses/blocks pop-ups - Google Auth will open in a separate pop-up window. Perhaps there's a setting to allow pop-ups in GTMOAuth2?

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Thanks @agnoster, you showed the path to fix it.. webkit wants us to implement the -(WebView *)webView:(WebView *)sender createWebViewWithRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request to handle open pop ups and windows. For GTMOAuth2 too we need to implement this method in GTMOAuth2WindowController to pop a new window for the request. That fixed the problem. – Devenosky Albuquerque Feb 26 '14 at 7:11

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