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Im using dropzone.js and loading it using ajax.

My menu ID = "#menu" The upload file should appear in "#div1"

The callback function is not working. I replaced Dropzone.discover by alert("test");

(document).ready(function() {


    $("#div1").load("upload.php",null, function(){

Note: I tried the code below, but it didnt work.

$("#div1").load("upload.php", function(){
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+1 for the question and the sample code as I learned about Dropzone.discover() today. Are you still having issues? –  Shawn Vader May 2 '14 at 10:08
Does #div1 really exists? As stated stackoverflow.com/a/18420091/2049986, the last sample code should just work. –  Jacob van Lingen Aug 6 '14 at 7:24

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You should define dropzone on #dive and add your events in init function of dropzone to change it's options related to each #menu. it's best way.

fore example:

var myDropzone = new Dropzone("#div1",{
    url: '/test.php',
    acceptedFiles: "image/*",
    addRemoveLinks: true,
    removedfile: function(file) {
            var _ref;
            return (_ref = file.previewElement) != null ? _ref.parentNode.removeChild(file.previewElement) : void 0;
    init: function() {
        var thisDropzone = this;
            href = $(this).attr('href');

            thisDropzone.options.url = href;

        $("body").on('click','#btnRemoveAll',function () {

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