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In order to use a C1DropDownControl inside a C1InputPanel I need to define a class that inherits from the InputControlHost class and then invoke the desired control's constructor, like this:

public class InputC1DropDownControl : InputControlHost
    public InputC1DropDownControl()
        : base(new C1DropDownControl())


By doing that I can see the C1DropDownControl inside the C1InputPanel (it's some kind of a special ComboBox) but I can't access all of it's properties. So, my question is: how can I access the C1DropDownControl properties from an InputC1DropDownControl object (which obviously inherits from a different class)?

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You can just use the Control property and then cast:

var control = (C1DropDownControl) controlHost.Control;
// Use the various properties
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Thanks a lot, worked like a charm. –  Bruno Mendívez Feb 25 at 14:39

The InputControlHost has a property called Control. You should be able to do something like

C1DropDownControl hostedControl = Control as C1DropDownControl;

in your InputC1DropDownControl class.

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