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I'm building an sms app, and need to show the view according to Incoming/Outgoing sms. I'm facing the following issue, in my getView(..) I need to know if it's Incoming/Outgoing and then to show the following:

Incoming VIEW

Incoming VIEW

Outgoing VIEW

enter image description here

But i can't think of a way to implement 1 view to handle this (because of the recycling in listview).

I thought of using setLayoutDirection in a LinearLayout, or maybe removeViews and then add them in correct position. Can you please assist me with the best way with the less performance?

Thanks very much

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stackoverflow.com/questions/18868194/…. check this –  Raghunandan Feb 25 at 14:36

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You can override the getViewType method in order to precise how many kind of rows you listview has.

Have a look here.

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Yeah i've been thinking of this, but isn't this option has high performance? also, second time the view already inflated with RTL and its not null and I need to change it to LTR, this isn't help me much –  Udi Oshi Feb 25 at 14:47
Have you tested this option and seeing performance issues? –  Niko Feb 25 at 14:48
see my edit comment –  Udi Oshi Feb 25 at 14:49
Sorry, but i don't know if it has high performance ! I don't think also that there is another solution to have different rows in a list, without overriding this method ! Just respect the recycling pattern and let android do the rest for you :) –  mansoulx Feb 25 at 15:03

Here is a simple example how to achieve it with good performance: http://adilsoomro.blogspot.fi/2012/12/android-listview-with-speech-bubble.html

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Not that good, it's only changing the background, i have several views which need layout direction change also. –  Udi Oshi Feb 25 at 14:45
You can build your list item that you just need to adjust the gravity/text/image for recycled view –  Niko Feb 25 at 14:50
That's not possible, i need to change the direction of all view, not just left/right gravity and bg image... –  Udi Oshi Feb 25 at 15:01
I don't understand how it's not possible, RelativeLayout as ViewGroup and alignParentLeft/alignParentRight with toLeftOf and toRightOf? Can you post better image of your cases? –  Niko Feb 25 at 17:16

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