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I am developing windows 8.1 application and using AZURE mobile services to communicate with. I need have some data in azure mobile services database which will be dumped to application when it's installed on any device. So I tried to add records in the database using azure management portal SQL_database but seems like I cant do that it gives me error

"Cannot add a row in the Table Data Editor because one or more columns are required but their SQL types are not supported in Table Data Editor. Use the Transact-SQL Editor to add a row."

This is probably due to the --version column that has binary type . So I tried deleting this column but then there was following error

"The target table 'ShoppingListPro.Category' of the DML statement cannot have any enabled triggers if the statement contains an OUTPUT clause without INTO clause."

I googled this issue and what I found is Link .

Please guide me if it is possible to edit the azure mobile service data base using management portal that will make my life bit easy , other wise I need to write an app to feed data to azure mobile database.


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You can connect to the DB from SSMS. Just check what your connection string is below 'Connect to your database':

enter image description here

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