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If I download a .gem file to a folder in my computer, can I install it later using gem install?

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Yup, when you do gem install, it will search the current directory first, so if your .gem file is there, it will pick it up. I found it on the gem reference, which you may find handy as well:

gem install will install the named gem. It will attempt a local installation (i.e. a .gem file in the current directory), and if that fails, it will attempt to download and install the most recent version of the gem you want.

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oddly, that does not seem to actually work for me in 2014. –  jrochkind Sep 17 at 19:56
Link ends in infinite redirects :( –  Ain Tohvri Nov 25 at 10:57

Also, you can use gem install --local path_to_gem/filename.gem

This will skip the usual gem repository scan that happens when you leave off --local.

You can find other magic with gem install --help.

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you can also just use the full filename to your gem file:

gem install /full/path/to/your.gem

this works as well -- it's probably the easiest way

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If you create your gems with bundler:

# do this in the proper directory
bundle gem foobar

You can install them with rake after they are written:

# cd into your gem directory
rake install

Chances are, that your downloaded gem will know rake install, too.

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