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I read this tuto, to configure NAT in my network. But I see that NAT translate adresses in private range such as: , and, for me I have a DHCP server that distribute adresses in the range, yes, I use public adresses for private network.
When I activate NAT in the server (Windows 2003), it don't translate adresses and I lose connection with the server, it seems the NAT wait alaways connection from the private adresses. There are a configuration to let NAT translate also my range adresses ? Thanks

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what kind of sysadmin uses public adresses in a private network ? –  njzk2 Feb 25 at 15:05
How do you expect any system to distinguish between actual public addresses and the addresses you use for private networks????? –  Mithrandir Feb 25 at 15:12
It is a long history :), our networks are intranet and they don't need internet (a lot of nodes are not a computers). juts for now, one node need to access to one and onley one web server (Microsoft web server for symbols, needs to debug). Thanks –  Phiber Feb 25 at 15:41
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