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I am using the following code to export an Open Office document as a pdf file using Delphi:

procedure TOOoWriter.SaveToPDF(FileName: string);
   wProperties: variant;
   if not (fConnected and fDocumentOpened) then

   wProperties := VarArrayCreate([0, 3], varVariant);
   if fHTMLSrc then
      wProperties[0] := MakePropertyValue('FilterName', 'writer_web_pdf_Export')
      wProperties[0] := MakePropertyValue('FilterName', 'writer_pdf_Export');

   wProperties[1] := MakePropertyValue('CompressionMode', '1');
   wProperties[2] := MakePropertyValue('Pages', 'All');
   wProperties[3] := MakePropertyValue('Overwrite', TRUE);

   fDocument.StoreToURL('file:///'+ StringReplace(FileName, '\', '/', [rfIgnoreCase, rfReplaceAll]), wProperties);

All is working well except:

  1. it insists on opening the resultant pdf file (but not the OO file). This is problematic because I will be writing 100s of files without user interaction.

  2. if the output pdf file does not exist I get an exception, but the file is created properly. The second time it works ok as the file was created the first time.

Are there solutions to these problems?

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With code from this post I haven't noticed any of the problems you describe. – TLama Feb 25 '14 at 19:47
Is this using COM? I don't know about OpenOffice - which has been eclipsed by LibreOffice for some time now - but LibreOffice has a command-line option that can convert between any files it can read/write, including PDF, like so:… – alcalde Feb 25 '14 at 21:41
@alcalde, yes, it is based on OLE automation. Out of curiosity, when you have mentioned LibreOffice, its API should be compatible with OpenOffice, so the code should be portable. – TLama Feb 25 '14 at 22:53
Thanks for the comments. TLama, I had previously looked at the post you linked to, but hadn't seen anything significant. Interesting to know that you don't see the problems I see, so I will try that code out. Incidently, I am using Libra Office. I mentioned Open Office as most searches I've done refer to the OO api. – user745323 Feb 26 '14 at 9:17
To update ... there is an option "View PDF after export" on the PDF Export dialog in Libra Office. With this not selected everything works fine. Selecting it I get the two problems described above. I just have to find the way to deselect in code, now. – user745323 Feb 26 '14 at 9:49

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