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Searching the web there are hundreds of answers to why getDefinitionByName doesn't work - because the class definition that you are trying to get is not included in the swf.

This is not that problem.

My app is loading a swc at run time, unzipping it, reading the xml and displaying a list of classes that were in that swc. You can then select a class and it will be added to the stage.

When I load the swc and try to use getDefinitionByName I get the following trace:

getting class:
error: Error #1065: Variable assets:AppFooterShadow is not defined.

The is stripped off the beginning!

From code similar to this:

    trace( "getting class: " + definition );
    var currentClass : Class = getDefinitionByName( definition ) as Class;
catch( e : Error )
    trace( "error: " + e.message );

If I type a class name in a text input box and try to load that it works fine - with exactly the same string being passed to the function.

Anyone got any idea what is going on here? Seems very odd to me.

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I can't believe how long I've been staring at this and not seeing what the problem was!

I had typed in this:

and this was in the list:

a colon instead of a full stop!

Ok I'll stop talking to myself - please ignore this!

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i've done that before, man – Lance Pollard Feb 5 '10 at 10:53

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