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i worked with doctrine and zend framework 1 before and installed doctrine as follows:

  • put doctrine library in library folder under website root.
  • add below function in bootstrap.php file protected function _initDoctrine() { require_once 'Doctrine/Doctrine.php'; $this->getApplication() ->getAutoloader() ->pushAutoloader(array('Doctrine','autoload'),'Doctrine');

    $manager->setAttribute(Doctrine::ATTR_MODEL_LOADING, Doctrine::MODEL_LOADING_CONSERVATIVE);
    return $conn;


  • add this line in to application.ini (doctrine.dsn = "mysql://root@localhost/mydb")
  • Auto generate models from DB using doctrine script.

then i create an object from my generated models and use it to add,update or delete records in database but when i tried to use zend framework 2 i failed to install and use doctrine with it and when google it i found something called entity and some other points i didn't know so please i want to know how to install doctrine with zend 2 with same idea like i installed before and use it with my zend framework 2 projects. thanks

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If you want to use Doctrine2 with ZF2, you can include DoctrineModule and DoctrineORMModule for the ORM part in your composer.json.

They are very usefull and very well documented

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