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I have a Perl module that appears to compile fine by itself, but is causing other programs to fail compilation when it is included:

me@host:~/code $ perl -c -Imodules modules/Rebat/
modules/Rebat/ syntax OK
me@host:~/code $ perl -c -Imodules bin/rebat-report-status
Attempt to reload Rebat/ aborted
Compilation failed in require at bin/rebat-report-status line 4.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at bin/rebat-report-status line 4.

The first few lines of rebat-report-status are

3 use Rebat;
4 use Rebat::Store;
5 use strict;
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Edit (for posterity): Another reason for this to occur, and perhaps the most common reason, is that there is a circular dependency among the modules you are using.

Look in Rebat/ for clues. Your log says attempt to reload was aborted. Maybe Rebat already imports Rebat::Store, and Rebat::Store has some package-scope check against being loaded twice.

This code demonstrates the kind of situation I mean:

use M1;
use M1::M2;

package M1;
use M1::M2;

# M1/
package M1::M2;
our $imported = 0;
sub import {
    die "Attempt to reload M1::M2 aborted.\n" if $imported++;
sub x { print "42\n" }

$ perl
Attempt to reload M1::M2 aborted.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 3.

The code will compile (and print 42) if you just remove the use M1::M2 line in In your case, you might not need to explicitly use Rebat::Store in your program.

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The problem was, in fact, due to a newly introduced circular dependency between and Rebat/ – chrisribe Feb 4 '10 at 20:25

perldoc perldiag:

 Attempt to reload %s aborted.
           (F) You tried to load a file with "use" or "require" that failed to
           compile once already.  Perl will not try to compile this file again
           unless you delete its entry from %INC.  See "require" in perlfunc
           and "%INC" in perlvar.
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