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double add_physics_vector(vector<double> v1, vector<double> v2)
    double horizontal_1 = v1[1] * cos(v1[0]);
    double vertical_1 = v1[1] * sin(v1[0]);
    double horizontal_2 = v2[1] * cos(v2[0]);
    double vertical_2 = v2[1] * sin(v2[0]);

    double horizontal_total = horizontal_1 + horizontal_2;
    double vertical_total = vertical_1 + vertical_2;
    double final_magnitude = sqrt(pow(horizontal_total, 2) + pow(vertical_total, 2));
    double final_direction = atan2(vertical_total, horizontal_total);
    double final_set[2] = {final_direction, final_magnitude};
    return final_set;

When I try to return final_set in my main() function, the compiler (g++-4.7) gives me this error:

error: cannot convert ‘double*’ to ‘double’ in return
warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type]
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You can't return an array. Use a vector, or std::array. – Brian Feb 25 '14 at 18:19
@BrianBi had no idea! Isn't a vector a kind of array though? Do you know what specifically about the structure of the two makes them different for return statements? – UnworthyToast Feb 25 '14 at 18:22
No, a vector is something that is sort of like an array, but not really. It's actually a class. – Brian Feb 25 '14 at 18:24
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You are returning an array (which is decaying into a pointer), but you said you'd return a double. Use a vector instead:

vector<double> final_set = {final_direction, final_magnitude};
return final_set;

Your function will then be declared as:

vector<double> add_physics_vector(vector<double> v1, vector<double> v2);

If you want to avoid dynamic memory allocation, simply return a pair<double, double>:

pair<double, double> add_physics_vector(vector<double> v1, vector<double> v2)
    // ...as before
    return make_pair(final_direction, final_magitude);
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You declared the return type of that function be a double, not double * so of course that is why you are getting the error message.

I suggest using malloc to create a new array of doubles and then returning it:

double * make_array()
    double * array = malloc(sizeof(double) * 2);
    if (array == NULL) { /* .. error handling */ }
    return array;

Alternatively, since you are just returning two doubles, you could make a class or struct to hold the doubles, and return those directly. Then you don't have to deal with malloc and free. The advantage of this is that it makes your code clearer because it forces you to give names to these two doubles.

struct Vector
    double direction;
    double magnitude;

Vector make_vector()
    vector = (Vector){ 1, 2 };
    return vector;

Alternatively, you could use std::array from the C++ standard library.

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