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What are the differences between .= and += in PHP?

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silly question... I know. My brain lapsed... lol – Derek Adair Feb 4 '10 at 19:10
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Quite simply, "+=" is a numeric operator and ".=" is a string operator. Consider this example:

$a = 'this is a ';
$a += 'test';

This is like writing:

$a = 'this' + 'test';

The "+" or "+=" operator first converts the values to integers (and all strings evaluate to zero when cast to ints) and then adds them, so you get 0.

If you do this:

$a = 10;
$a .= 5;

This is the same as writing:

$a = 10 . 5;

Since the "." operator is a string operator, it first converts the values to strings; and since "." means "concatenate," the result is the string "105".

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The . operator is the string concatenation operator. .= will concatenate strings.

The + operator is the addition operator. += will add numeric values.

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Or will merge arrays. – ntd Feb 4 '10 at 18:59

.= is concatenation, += is addition

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. is for string concatenation and + is for addition.

.= would append something to a string while += will add something to something.

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.= is string concatenation.

+= is value addition.

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The main difference .= is string concatenation while += is value addition.

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