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I have a function ComparePatchMany written in numpy, which does some basic matrix functions (dot product, diagonal, etc), and due to the size of matrices I'm using, is too slow. In order to achieve some speedup, I want to run calls to this function in parallel. Because of memory issues, I can't seem to call this on any more than 100 stacked matrices at a time. So simply running ComparePatchMany on a giant matrix is out (though it works in MatLab).

What I have right now is:

def comparePatchManyRunner(tex_flat,imMask_flat,s_tex,metrics,i):
    metrics[i] = ComparePatchMany.main(tex_flat[imMask_flat==1,:],np.reshape(s_tex[:,i],(-1,1)))

# N = 100
def main(TexLib,tex,OperationMask,N,gpu=0):

    if gpu:
        print 'ERROR: GPU Capability not set'
        tex_flat = np.array([tex.flatten('F')]).T

    CreateGrid = np.ones((TexLib.Gr.l_y.shape[1],TexLib.Gr.l_x.shape[1]))
    PatchMap = np.nan*CreateGrid
    MetricMap = np.nan*CreateGrid
    list_of_patches = np.argwhere(CreateGrid>0)

    for i in range(list_of_patches.shape[0]):
        y,x = list_of_patches[i]
        imMask = TexLib.obtainMask(y,x)
        Box = [TexLib.Gr.l_x[0,x],TexLib.Gr.l_x[-1,x],TexLib.Gr.l_y[0,y],TexLib.Gr.l_y[-1,y]]

        imMaskO = imMask
        imMask = imMask & OperationMask

        imMask_flat = np.dstack((imMask,imMask,imMask))

        if gpu:
            print 'ERROR! GPU Capability not yet implemented'
            # TODO
            imMask_flat = imMask_flat.flatten('F')

        if np.sum(imMask)<8:

        indd_s = np.random.randint(TexLib.NumTexs,size=(1,N*5))

        s_tex = TexLib.ImW[imMask_flat==1][:,np.squeeze(indd_s)]
        s_tex = s_tex.astype('float32')

        if gpu:
            print 'ERROR! GPU Capability not yet implemented'
            # TODO
            metrics = np.zeros((N*5,1))
            shared_arr = multiprocessing.Array('d',metrics)

            processes = [multiprocessing.Process(target=comparePatchManyRunner, args=(tex_flat,imMask_flat,s_tex,shared_arr,i)) for i in xrange(N*5)]
            for p in processes:
            for p in processes:
            metrics = shared_arr
            print metrics

I think this may be creating 500 processes, which could be an issue. One problem I keep running into with this and previous versions is IOError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe, which originates from p.start().

I'm working on Windows with Python 2.7, NumPy 1.8, and SciPy 0.13.2.


Comments suggested I use pools. So I'm trying this:

metrics = np.zeros((N*5,1))
shared_arr = multiprocessing.Array('d',metrics,lock=False)
po = multiprocessing.Pool(processes=2)
po.map_async(comparePatchManyRunner,((tex_flat,imMask_flat,s_tex,shared_arr,idex) for idex in xrange(N*5)))

But it doesn't seem to be writing anything to shared_arr, and I keep getting a PicklingError:

Exception in thread Thread-29:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python27\lib\threading.py", line 810, in __bootstrap_inner
  File "C:\Python27\lib\threading.py", line 763, in run
    self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs)
  File "C:\Python27\lib\multiprocessing\pool.py", line 342, in _handle_tasks
PicklingError: Can't pickle <class 'multiprocessing.sharedctypes.c_double_Array_500'>: attribute lookup multiprocessing.sharedctypes.c_double_Array_500 failed
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Having 500 processes is useless. You should take a look at multiprocessing.Pool which will spawn some worker processes and handle them for you. –  Bakuriu Feb 25 at 19:13
I'm trying to get multiprocessing.Pool working, but it's still giving me some trouble, I've added new edits above. –  wbest Feb 25 at 21:38
Or try joblib. But I'd recommend profiling first to find the hotspots. You might just need a better BLAS library. –  larsmans Feb 25 at 22:17
@larsmans Profiling is how I know that the hotspot is this function that contains numpy.dot. The matrices are large, and I make so many calls to numpy.dot that it all just adds up. More than 60% of my time is spent there. –  wbest Feb 25 at 22:25
Have you got NumPy >=1.7.1? What does the function look like? –  larsmans Feb 25 at 22:30

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