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My app is in review and I'm trying to make some promo codes that are scannable so I can print them on cards similar to the "app pick of the week" by starbucks. They put the app promo code in a box and it is scannable using the app store app. I gave this a shot and it didn't work. Is this due to apple not allowing others to use this tech or is my image just the wrong size?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I was able to get this to work using Ayuthaya as the typeface. I also just made sure the type and box size were similar. Hope this helps!

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Ayuthaya worked for me also. I found that I could iterate rapidly by using a valid code in a photoshop mockup, and scanning my screen directly. The padding on the box and relative size/stroke of the box mattered a great deal, so being able to test directly on my screen saved a ton of paper and time spent printing. – herzian May 24 at 16:22

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