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i have to value


now i need a if condition to display an error on below conditions

  1. if one of them($mo or $mc) are empty, null or blank.
  2. if close time($mc) is less than open time($mo)

means if both are empty(null) or $mc>$mo then go further

please suggest optimized one line if condition for this

i know it seems very basic question, but i m facing problem when both are null either i was using simple

if(($mo==NULL && $mc!=NULL) || ( $mo>=$mc && ($mo!=NULL && $mc!=NULL))  )
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Oh come on. How do you want to learn the language this way? See the manual: de2.php.net/manual/en/control-structures.if.php Why not try to build something, and put it up here for scrutiny / optimization. –  Pekka 웃 Feb 4 '10 at 18:59
You don't need a one liner, you need to learn to program. Sorry to be blunt, but that's what it is. –  Adriano Varoli Piazza Feb 4 '10 at 18:59
no sir?? actuallay i m getting confused on each level although i have one year experience on PHP,.. but i really facing this kind of problem, so where do i ask? sorry for asking so basic question, but i m not getting the required result then i post here... –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 19:06
You will always get an answer on SO, but you really need to learn this for yourself. Otherwise, it'll take another year to get the control structures. Check out the manual I link to, there are plenty of examples there. –  Pekka 웃 Feb 4 '10 at 19:17
Sometimes examples that solve real problems are a good way to see logical concepts illustrated. I think it's highly unfair to penalize the Asker so drastically for requesting help in this case. Those of us who are experienced see this as a simple problem, but it can take time to train the brain to think this way. Quit being jerks. –  Brian Lacy Feb 4 '10 at 19:18

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in php, strotime will return a integer or false. Checking for null in this case will never bear fruit, but otherwise...

if((!$mo xor !$mc) || ($mc && $mc<=$mo)){

oops, edited for correctness. I transposed $mc and $mo. XOR should be correct though.

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it's always display error on every condition –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 20:04
fixed it. I believe :-) –  Mike Sherov Feb 4 '10 at 20:36
Still display Error when both fields have no value...please first u check on ur side –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 20:52
Thank you, now it's working perfect –  diEcho Feb 5 '10 at 2:16

Keep in mind that 0, null, and blank all mean completely different things here. As indicated previously, strtotime will never return NULL. However, 0 is a valid unix timestamp, whereas false means that the strtotime function was unable to process the value provided.

Also, you've requested that a single-line solution; however, in my opinion, it is much better in this case to write out each condition and display a different error message for each condition. That way, the user knows what actually went wrong. Perhaps this is a better way:

// Only check for errors if we have at least one value set
if (!empty($input['MondayOpen']) || !empty($input['MondayClosed']) {
    $mo = strtotime($input['MondayOpen']);
    $mc = strtotime($input['MondayClosed']);

    $invalid = false;
    if (false === $mo) {
        echo "Invalid Opening Time\n";
        $invalid = true;

    if (false === $mc) {
        echo "Invalid Closing Time\n";
        $invalid = true;

    if (!$invalid && $mc <= $mo) {
        echo "Closing time must be After Opening Time\n";
        $invalid = true;

    if ($invalid) {
        exit();  // Or handle errors more gracefully

// Do something useful
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very expressive answer....thank you sir. i was really scared when so many people behave so rudely when i post so basic question.. actaully i was puzzled after converting into strtotime ans then comparing –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 19:27
it disply invalid opening time if we remain both field blank –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 19:55
this can't be right though?? he wanted to continue (not give an error) if BOTH were false! –  Mike Sherov Feb 4 '10 at 20:31
Also, although 0 is a valid unix timestamp and it's important to illustrate the weakly typed pitfall, is it really necessary to check for it here? –  Mike Sherov Feb 4 '10 at 20:35
@Mike Sherov yes sir it is necessary to check.... is there any other method to check.. bcoz after this validation if everything is fine then i apply date() on $mo and $mt , and if there is 0 in field then date() convert it to some value. that's y i need to check these all conditions –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 20:54

All right. How about this.

It checks whether $mo and $mc are valid dates using is_numeric. Any NULL or false values will be caught by that. I haven't tested it but it should work.

I spread it into a huge block of code. In the beginning, when learning the language, this is the best way to make sense out of the code. It is not the most elegant, nor by far the shortest solution. Later, you can shorten it by removing whitespace, or by introducing or and stuff.

I'm not 100% sure about the number comparison part, and I don't have the time to check it right now. You'll have to try out whether it works.

You need to decide how you want to handle errors and insert the code to where my comments are. A simple echo might already do.

// If $mo or $mc are false, show error. 
// Else, proceed to checking whether $mo is larger
// than $mc.

if ((!is_numeric($mo)) and (is_numeric($mc)))
   // Error: $mo is either NULL, or false, or something else, but not a number.
   // While $mc IS a number.
elseif ((!is_numeric($mc)) and (is_numeric($mo)))
   // Error: $mc is either NULL, or false, or something else, but not a number.
   // While $mo IS a number. 

   if (($mc <= $mo) and ((is_numeric($mc) or (is_numeric($mo)))))
       // Error: closing time is before opening time.
       // Success!!


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@Pekka, I said i need one line if condition, is there not possible to make single line condtion using && || or ? : , it will display error when $mo and $ mc both are NULL or false, where i asked when both are blank then show no error –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 22:01
@I like PHP, why on earth do you need a single line statement when you're only learning the language? And it should do exactly as you say in your question: If $mo or $mc are null, you will get an error. When both are 0, then show no error but silently adjust. If you mean blank instead of 0, replace 0 by ''. –  Pekka 웃 Feb 4 '10 at 22:14
@Pekka ... I SAID when both are null/blank/false, then it doesn't show any error. does strtotime() ever return 0? i request you sir,please read my question again that on which condition i need to display errors(only 2 condtions).. i heard that one if execute more fast than if inside if takes time, thats why i asked for one line code, if i m wrong then it will be fine if you code runs perfectly. thank you... i don't know why people give negative point on this question –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 22:32
@I Like PHP, forget about speed optimization in if statements. They are totally useless and unnecessary. You need to work with clean, readable code. Now for the second part, I admit I misread your question. I'm editing my answer, hang on. –  Pekka 웃 Feb 4 '10 at 22:38
@I like PHP, should work now. –  Pekka 웃 Feb 4 '10 at 22:43

You can try:

print ((empty($mo) && empty($mc)) || ($mc > $mo)) ? 'case_true_message' : 'case_false_message';

But you should also check the manual :) - for basic control structures

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its does't display error when only $mc is full but $mo is empty –  diEcho Feb 4 '10 at 20:06

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