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I have an API with a scenario that forwards a request onto another controller.


$request = Request::create'/new/resource', 'POST');

How would I write a test to verify this dispatch happens as I expect? (I know I'm not supposed to mock the 'Request' facade)


class MyTest extends TestCase {
    public function myTestShouldForwardRequestCorrectly()
        // Once for initial request, and once for fwd request?
        // Maybe also test w/ mockery spy which resource the Request is going to?
        $m = Route::shouldReceive('dispatch')->times(2);

        .... setup test ...

        $this->call('POST', '/initial/resource', $parameters);
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You dont have to mock Request - just verify that it is beeing sent. Dispacth will be verified upon controller action. When you call:


You are triggering route collection which act as a lookup table. That collection is storing all predefined routes. So you will have to hook into that collection, to verify your own dispatch. Whole response process ih handled by TTPKernelInterface, and act like a stack - which returns response to user. To test, you will have to do a lot of mocking, because of dependencies. You may take a look at core Laravel tests directory. There you can find how Taylor Otwell tested whole framework without application - by simulating request. I learned a lot from there.

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