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I am developing a Node.js API server and hoping to build API documentation with ioDocs or Swagger. However, these tools require you to manually create a JSON document that defines the functions, parameters, etc, to generate the API docs. Instead, I would prefer to add some metadata in the code to allow this JSON document to be automatically generated, but I couldn't find any examples of this.

Here's a suggestion of what I would like to do, in theory:

// [apiName] [methodName(funkyfunction)] [HTTP verb] [URI] [params] etc.
var funkyfunction = function () {


Does anyone know of a way to automatically generate the JSON for use with ioDocs or Swagger?

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Everywhere I've read so far only mentions that you must predefine the API in a JSON doc for ioDocs, and JSON models for Swagger. I want to supercharge my API docs by building this dynamically.. any advice or recommendations are appreciated! –  mikeybaby173 Feb 25 at 21:43

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