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I have two java byte variables, lets say

a = 00010011 
b = 01101101 (in binary form)

Suppose that I have a third byte

c = 11001000

where its bits will work as an indicator to select between two operations (XOR/XNOR).

e.g. if c[i] = 1 then I select to XOR a[i]^b[i] and if c[i] = 0 I select to XNOR these values.

In this example the resulted byte will be

d = 01001001

What is the fastest method in Java to achieve such a result?

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What did you try so far, and why do you think it's too slow? –  Wooble Feb 25 '14 at 19:42

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How about

d = a ^ b ^ ~c;


d = ~(a ^ b ^ c);


d = ~a ^ b ^ c;

The ^ has the property of flipping bits set to 1 and leaving bits set to 0. If you use ~ to flip that value you get flip for 0 and unchanged for 1.

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Don't know whether it is the fastest, which I assume is a silly question, as it's a bitwise operation only, but this will work:

(a XOR b) XNOR c

which is same as:

~(a ^ b ^ c)
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