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I have the following code which is in a base class.

        MyApp.MyDB = new MyApp.MyDB ();
        IRepository<T> repo = new SubSonicRepository<T>(db);
        CurrentTable = repo.GetTable();

        var s = db.SelectColumns(columnList.ToArray()).

The idea is that all my classes can call this method.

I have just realised that I may need to a 'where' statement and there could be numerous columns names and values to test for.

What's the best approach for this?

UPDATE: I found this works below but is it best practice?

//WhereClause is a Dictionary<string, string>
        int count = 0;
        foreach (var whereitem in WhereClause)
            if (count == 0)


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This simplifies the logic slightly: For the where clause, do something like this:


For all your other whereitem's, you can use And's.

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