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Apple recently added the following questions in application submission:

Does your app contain, display, or access third-party content? Do you have all necessary rights to that content or are you otherwise permitted to use it under the laws of each App Store territory in which your app is available?

You have to answer yes to the 2nd if you answered yes to the 1st to have the app accepted for submission.

Read literally, to me it means that author of any media player is now supposed to have rights to any media content that its users might play using the app.

Is this actually so? What part of DMCA institutes that?

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Mmm...I don't think so (but I am not a lawyer). I think of it primarily this way: "Is there anything contained in your app bundle (media, content, links, etc) that is the intellectual property of someone else?"

The follow-up question (if you answer "yes" to the first question) verifies that IF there is, then YOU have already done whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the owner/creator/controller is all right with their content being distributed in your app.

However, the question explicitly states "display or access" in addition to "contain" and I think of that in a similar way -- are there links to 3rd party content (not just the content itself) contained in your app? If so, you need permission.

I do not think this applies to content which the user manually selects or enters. The burden is on the user in that case to comply with IP rules, which is what protects Safari and the built-in music app from being a copyright infringement mechanism.

But, again, I am not a Intellectual Property lawyer

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To sum up, the author of media player shall answer 'No' to the first question. OK, I buy it. Thanks –  vldmrrr May 15 '14 at 12:05

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