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I have seen the other questions and reviewed the documentation, but I have not found a clear example or answer.

1) Do I need a new userDetailsService class 2) Do I need a new userDetailsService class AND subclass the GrailsDaoImpl

The documentation for the plugin discusses it but it is just not clear to me?

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You can do either but not both - you need to have one Spring bean named 'userDetailsService' registered. It can be the stock GrailsDaoImpl, or a subclass that's overridden in resources.groovy, or an entirely new class that implements UserDetailsService and is overridden in resources.groovy.

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I have written the new userDetailsService, added it to resources groovy. overridden loadDomainUser to access my user information but where do I do the second "authentication" to validate the user or reject the user against another piece of data. –  Aaron Saunders Feb 4 '10 at 21:21
excellent, thanks –  Aaron Saunders Feb 5 '10 at 22:38

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