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Is there any way of hiding the outliers when plotting a boxplot in matplotlib (python)?

I'm using the simplest way of plotting it:

  from pylab import *

This gives me the following plot:

(I cannot post the image because I have not enough reputation, but basically it is a boxplot with Q1 at y=1, Q3 at y=5, and the outlier at y=10)

I would like to remove the outlier at y=10, so that the plot only shows from Q1 to Q3 (in this case from 1 to 5).

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I think that

boxplot([1,2,3,4,5,10], sym='')

will do what you want.

The docs for boxplot do mention this, btw as, "Enter an empty string (‘’) if you don’t want to show fliers.", though, at least for myself, "outliers" is the more familiar word.

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That definitely does it. My fault... didn't read the doc carefully (just looked for outlier, not for flier!). –  Didac Busquets Feb 25 at 23:37
No problem, and it would be hard to find in the docs if you didn't know it already -- I had the advantage of going to other way. (I'll edit my answer to sound like was less obvious, since it wasn't particularly clear.) –  tom10 Feb 25 at 23:51
@DidacBusquets Just want to chime in here and say that in v1.4, you'll be able to pass a showfliers=False option when you call boxplot. –  Paul H Feb 25 at 23:57
@Paul H: please feel free to edit my answer when this becomes readily available. –  tom10 Feb 26 at 22:20
@tom10 thanks. i'll try to remember :) –  Paul H Feb 26 at 22:38

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