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I am looking to strip out HTML tags from snippet below. This is a sample, the XML file schema can change and so can the XML and is not static. I would like to preserve XML node(s) Is there a way to do this automatically, without using external libraries/tools/etc?

  <welcome>This is a <b>great</b> house.</welcome>
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It seems likely that this is going to involve using Replace with a long list of HTML tags. –  Martin Parkin Feb 25 at 23:51
@MartinParkin This is what i thought...but wanted to know there is definitely no other way. Thanks –  Idothisallday Feb 25 at 23:55
This comes up time and time again. Parse your XML with XDocument then treat HTML like HTML and use HTML Agility Pack. –  paqogomez Feb 25 at 23:56
@paqogomez The question specifically stated without using external libraries/tools/etc. The HTML Agility Pack is an external library. –  Martin Parkin Feb 25 at 23:59
Thanks @paqogomez I would prefer to do it without any external lib/tool. I will keep it open to see if there is any other option –  Idothisallday Feb 26 at 0:00

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I'd suggest

string yourXml = ".....";
System.Xml.XmlDocument xmlDoc = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
string yourXmlWithoutTags = xmlDoc.InnerText;
string someContentWithoutTags = xmlDoc.SelectSingleNode("root/house").InnerText;


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unfortunately the xml is not stactic and can have different structure to the one mentioned above, so this solution won't work –  Idothisallday Feb 26 at 9:55

While I advocate the use of HTML Agility Pack for HTML, based on your example, XDocument pulls out the html without a problem.

  var xmlString = @"<house>
                      <welcome>This is a <b>great</b> house.</welcome>
  var xml = XDocument.Parse(xmlString);
  var welcome = xml.Descendants("house").Elements("welcome").First().Value;
  //This is a great house.

This is probably because when Parse occurs, the <b> tags are removed. Load would not behave this way.

An HTML agility pack method would look something like this:

public string StripTags(string input) {
    var doc = new HtmlDocument();
    doc.LoadHtml(input ?? "");
    return doc.DocumentNode.InnerText;
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Parsing is a bit interesting. Let me explore that option. –  Idothisallday Feb 26 at 11:46

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