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I am trying to reset form using $setPristine().

$scope.resetDataEntryForm = function() {
    $ = {};

It works fine if all the input controls in valid state. one of the input type is URL. For example, if i have invalid URL value at the time i click reset. should the above code reset the contents of URL input field and mark error to false. I need this for validations.

To do the proper reset i have to manually reset all error flags

$scope.resetDataEntryForm = function() {
    $$error.required = true;
    $$error.required = true;
    $$error.url = false;
    $ = {};

Can anybody please suggest proper way to reset form using angular.js ?

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Do you have a fiddle example? – Popo Feb 26 '14 at 1:38
Seems like $setPristine is broken since it leaves $error in it's current state. This doesn't fix it but is a little more appropriate than the assignments you are using: $$setValidity("url", false); – David K. Hess Apr 16 '14 at 21:53

I do not know if it intended or not, but $setPristine() does not change $error object.

This is the source code for setPristine on Form

    form.$setPristine = function () {
        form.$dirty = false;
        form.$pristine = true;
        forEach(controls, function(control) {

and this is the code call on Control (input element etc)

    this.$setPristine = function () {
      this.$dirty = false;
      this.$pristine = true;

Seems to me that you will have to reset $error object yourself

PS: The code is taken from AngularJs version 1.2.*, you can check the current version on Github

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