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I would like to plot a 3D graph, y=100-x^2, cycle around the Y axis in 360 degrees. Eventually to become like a cone. Is that possible? I have an array x=1:1:100, and an array y, size(1 100).

I tried an Z array, z=1:1:100 as the 3th axis in the base of the cone. With plot3 I done the one graph of y=100-x^2. I would like to kinda animate it and have eventually a cone, or a surface cone.

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Is this what you are looking for?

r = 1:1:100;
y = 100-r.^2;
theta = 0:pi/20:2*pi;
xx = bsxfun(@times,r',cos(theta));
zz = bsxfun(@times,r',sin(theta));
yy = repmat(y',1,length(theta));

Source: Generating a 3D plot by revolution of a curve

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seems...yes . I need to rotate the y graph around y axis. As I have it now, the 2D graph is for positive and negative x. I need or to rotate this graph 180 degrees or to rotate tha half 360 degrees. –  user1640255 Feb 26 at 2:16
you can change the value of theta according to your problem statement. –  Ankush Feb 26 at 2:21
also check the edited code if it works for you –  Ankush Feb 26 at 2:22
your code is working, but mine using that I get a flat black hole... –  user1640255 Feb 26 at 3:26

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