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I have created a serializer and a deserializer using Jackson for an object User accessible via path: "localhost/user" (Jersey is used to handle all the REST side of things).

I would like to use the base URI of the request (i.e. the "localhost" part, or the exact URI of the current host of the REST WS) as a part of my JSON object.

public class UserSerializer extends JsonSerializer<ApiUser> {
(use REST request base URI here, "localhost" or other)

In Jersey, in my "UserResource" class, I can get the UriInfo using

public class UserResource {
   UriInfo uriInfo //Can get the URI with uriInfo

I would like to send this "uriInfo" value to my UserSerializer as a parameter, or access the same @Context from the UserSerializer.

How is it possible to do this?

I have tried to use @Context UriInfo in the UserSerializer but the value stays "null", so I suspect the value is out of scope in my UserSerializer.

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