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What websites (not books) document designs (UML or otherwise) for software applications?

Building architects have many resources available for inspiration and construction. I do not seek resources on constructing software (such as Meyer's Object-Oriented Software Construction), but rather examples of designs for software components or class diagrams that can be used as a starting point for developing an applcation.

Example applications might include:

The Design Patterns book is a good start, but a bit too low level.

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I don't recall the name, but an old coworker had a book full of data models for different business domains. All I remember was that it was published by Addison-Wesley around 2003-2004. – Ken Liu Feb 5 '10 at 3:51
@Ken. Thanks, but I am looking specifically for websites (which, unlike ink and paper, can grow in content over time). – Dave Jarvis Feb 5 '10 at 16:58
I know what you mean, but the business domains don't change much over time :) – Ken Liu Feb 5 '10 at 20:47
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Grady Booch has a great site for just this thing at

But you do have to register to look at the diagrams.

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For simple explanations, sample codes and use cases of common software design patterns, you can check out They are generally aimed at solving common problems and can, in fact, be considered as re-usable architectures in software development.

For information related to domain-specific systems, such as games, there can be other domain-specific problems that have been addressed in different architectures, such as some of the links you have provided. Finding a single source which can list all this information in a unified architecture may not be possible, at best. Generic design patterns, such as those from the Gang of Four, is a better start for this reason, I believe.

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