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The file transferring to my upload folder is working well but I have a warning in mkdir. It says file exist but the picture and folder generates own name. I don't know what warning is determining.

Anyone can help me?


$dir=substr(uniqid(),-7); // Uniqid for subdirectory

$path = "uploads/$dir/"; // uploads/subdirectory/  // Make directory

$valid_formats = array("jpg", "png", "jpeg", "kml");

$max_file_size = 2097152;

$count = 0;

// Loop $_FILES to execute all files

foreach($_FILES['files']['name'] as $f => $name) {

    if ($_FILES['files']['error'][$f] == 4) {
        continue; // Skip file if any error found

    if ($_FILES['files']['error'][$f] == 0) {              
        if ($_FILES['files']['size'][$f] > $max_file_size) {
            $message[] = "$name is too large!.";
            continue; // Skip large files

        elseif( ! in_array(pathinfo($name, PATHINFO_EXTENSION), $valid_formats) ){
            $message[] = "$name is not a valid format";
            continue; // Skip invalid file formats

        else{ // No error found! Move uploaded files 
            mkdir($path, 0700);
            $ext = pathinfo($_FILES['files']['name'][$f], PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
            $uniq_name = substr(uniqid(),-5) . '.' .$ext;
            $dest = $path . $uniq_name;

            if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES["files"]["tmp_name"][$f], $dest)){

           $qry = "INSERT INTO files (code, name, path, type) VALUES ('$dir','$uniq_name','$dest','$ext')" ;

            $result = mysqli_query($dbc, $qry);
            if ( false===$result ) {
            $sql_error .= 'Error in the query '.$qry.'  Error Desc :'.mysqli_error($dbc).'<br /><br />' ;


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Warning is quiet clear, you are creating directory which is already exists. So just change it to,

if (!file_exists($path)) {
    mkdir($path, 0700);
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I used if (!file_exists($path)) { mkdir($path, 0700); } but it uploads 1 picture only even though I uploaded multiple. what should I do sir? sorry for my grammar. This is not my first language. – user3199128 Feb 26 '14 at 5:24
you must seperate the path to the folder, from the filename.. @user3199128 – Erik Oct 22 '14 at 6:04

Use PHP's is_dir($path_to_dir) for checking if a directory exists from before.

Official documentation

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This is problematic on unix systems because everything is a file, even directories. If a file exists with the same name, said directory cannot be added. So, simply checking if a "file" is a directory isn't sufficient. Instead you should check if(!file_exists($path)). – Jacob Thomason May 18 '15 at 5:42
@JacobThomason given your comment, how would you create a directory with the same name as an adjacent file? Is there a way of forcing mkdir() after a manual check for any pre-existing directories (but not files)? – s-low Jul 19 at 9:32

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