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I have to integrate Salesforce in ASP .NET app Using REST API. Currently I have to perform operation on Contacts on Salesforce like insert, update, delete, search and bulk upload. How to perform these operations?

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There are so many examples if you search google. What is it about those examples that have failed you? –  paqogomez Feb 26 at 5:39
Pls share links then. –  Salahuddin Feb 26 at 12:52

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Try this Force.com_for_ASP.NET_Developers

Opens source API for .NET has been released: Salesforce-API-for-NET-released-Open-Source.

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I want to use REST API. Currently I have followed Dan's blog, it's useful but I couldn't manipulate contacts till yet. –  Salahuddin Feb 26 at 12:55
@Agile, That comment shows just how lacking your question really is. You dont mention REST at all and you say that you've got some things in place already. Narrow down your question to a specific problem and you'll get a much better response. (+1 Arun :) –  paqogomez Feb 26 at 17:06
Link only answers are not encouraged, could you please elaborate before your answer gets converted to a comment? How do the links help the user? –  slugster Feb 27 at 4:47

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