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I have a Project A in java using Eclipse i modified code and I have no version control or CVS on it.

Now I have Project A'. I want to apply changes that i have done in A to A'. where A & A' are same work with smaller modifications.

I tried to take a patch , but i am not finding any option in eclipse

Can I know how this can be done with changing each and every file which i modified in A.

Note: The work I made in Project A is highly compatible in A'

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try using diff. Look at the date modified on the files. –  Scary Wombat Feb 26 at 5:40
I'm taking a guess since I'm not too familiar with java but couldn't you import into the build path as a library ? Depends a bit on how you made your classes of course. –  Philip Feb 26 at 5:42
This is actually a good question. It's easy to do with source control, but I haven't imagined doing it manually without it. –  Ted Bigham Feb 26 at 5:57
any tools to do this task?? –  LoneWolf Feb 26 at 6:04

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Consider installing EGit from Eclipse marketplace.

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