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I am running OpenCl program on my Nvidia graphic card. I want the exact GPU load using OpenCl kernel program Or with in the c program? Is it possible? nvidia-smi i had already tried. I had to run it parallel in other terminal. Is it possible from inside the code to calculate GPU Load?

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What exactly do you want to know? GPU load level is very integral characteristic, which shows almost nothing. –  Roman Arzumanyan Feb 26 at 10:51
You can't, you have to use proprietary tools. The OpenCL standard does not allow you to get these metrics. –  DarkZeros Feb 26 at 13:36
Thanks @DarkZeros is there any opensource tool for linux? I tried CUDA-z.. but i stopped because it shows some dependencies issues.. is there anything else? –  Vishwadeep Feb 27 at 4:53
@RomanArzumanyan I am comparing results between CPU and GPU.. i need to know the load and memory utilization between them, so i can compare between the two. is it possible without any paid tool? –  Vishwadeep Feb 27 at 4:54
I don't know any tool, suitable for cluster, but on single host nvidia visual profiler is definitely the choice. After collecting data on single machine, I advice you to use events profiling. If data, gathered from them looks like data from profiler, than you've got what you need. –  Roman Arzumanyan Feb 27 at 6:31

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