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I've been executing such a large .SH file via Cygwin. I just want terminate the execution of .SH while executing (like ctrl+x in command prompt)..

What key combination needs to be given for terminating .SH file execution while executing?

Please help me on this issue.

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You should try Ctrl + C.

If you're using Cygwin on your local station, you could also just try to close its window.

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You may try to pressing Ctrl-D or Ctrl-C(this terminate the current process, also it may be that the given software handles it and and you dont need CTRL+C). And if this fails, kill the process .

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I think you are looking for either cntrl-c or cntrl-z. With C you Cancel the job and with Z you let send it to the back. Where you can fd back to it or kill it.

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