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please help fix sript.

import lxml.html
import requests

doc = lxml.html.document_fromstring("""<html>
   <div class="wrap">
       <span class="one">one</span>
       <span class="two">two</span>

#first search
result1 = doc.xpath('//div[@class="wrap"]')

#second search
result2 = result1.xpath('//span/text()')

I need the script to search for text in two stages:

  • Step 1: Search tree 'div.wrap',
  • Step 2: Search for text elements.

The result should be a list of ['one', 'two']

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Join two xpath expressions into one:

>>> doc.xpath('//div[@class="wrap"]/span/text()')
['one', 'two']

If you need to do it in two stages:

>>> result1 = doc.xpath('//div[@class="wrap"]')
>>> result1
[<Element div at 0x2cf5ba0>]
>>> result1[0].xpath('.//span/text()')
['one', 'two']

If result1 can be multiple item list, you need some kind of loop:

>>> [div.xpath('.//span/text()') for div in result1]
[['one', 'two']]
>>> [txt for div in result1 for txt in div.xpath('.//span/text()')]
['one', 'two']
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I think the 2nd XPath expression needs to be relative: [div.xpath('.//span/text()') for div in result1] –  paul trmbrth Feb 26 at 9:09
@pault., Thank you for comment. I updated the answer accordingly. –  falsetru Feb 26 at 9:11

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