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how to decompile third party packages?? I have tried the decompilation of my own apk's..those are working fine... Can some one please tell me is there any way to do this??

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Try to follow this steps:

1)Use apktool on your application:

apktool d -s -r APPNAME.apk

You will get structure of project like:

│   AndroidManifest.xml
│   apktool.yml
│   classes.dex(!)
│   resources.arsc

Or near it. 2) Use d2j-dex2jar tool:

d2j-dex2jar classes.dex

3) Open file in JD-GUI and read :)

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I might also add, that there is modern alternative to this APKTool->dex2jar->JD-GUI route! Just try open-source APK and DEX decompiler called Jadx: It has also online version here: – Andrew Rukin Sep 8 '15 at 5:39

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