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I'm developing an app that handles phone numbers and bumped into a problem that I have to pop up a warning message if a user is trying to make a roaming call (to make it clearer, I'm implying the user is in another province/state). I found this article(Is there any way to determine if the iphone is roaming?) from stackoverflow but it's quite old.

Has Apple provided any api for this? If Apple has, what's the name of the api/class to use? If hasn't, is that article still the only solution for this problem?

Thank you!

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No there is no API that will allow you to detect if the user is roaming. Also the tutorial you point to is for jailbroken devices. It will not work on an Appstore app.

You can read out the users carrier with the CTCarrier class. But it clearly states that you will not be able to detect roaming:


This string is provided by the carrier and formatted for presentation to the user. The value does not change if the user is roaming; it always represents the provider with whom the user has an account.

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There's no native iOS API for determining roaming status, but you can use third party services like http://ipinfo.io (my own service) to find out the current country of even carrier code based on the device's IP address, and you can then compare that to the CTCarrier details to determine if the device is roaming. Here's the standard ipinfo.io API response:

$ curl ipinfo.io/ 
    "ip": "",
    "hostname": "doc-24-32-148-1.pecos.tx.cebridge.net",
    "city": "Pecos",
    "region": "Texas",
    "country": "US",
    "loc": "31.3086,-103.5892",
    "org": "AS7018 AT&T Services, Inc.",
    "postal": "79772"

Custom packages are available that also include the mnc/mcc details of mobile IPs though. See http://ipinfo.io/developers for details.

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