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I tried sometimes and realized that exporter can recognize $1100^{\circ}C$ and 1000^\circ, but can not recognize 1000^\circC and 1000^\circ C correctly, so which is the best way to add a ℃? I would not like to use $1100^{\circ}C$, because it need to add two whitespaces in both sides.

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Why not use an appropriate wysiwyg character here.

A sample org file:

Foo! The temp is 12 °C.

The PDF after C-x C-e l o:

pdf preview

Different extended alphabet symbols can be typed with Emacs' C-x 8 subbindings. For instance:

Key            Gives
C-x 8 o         °
C-x 8 u         µ

Be sure to check C-x 8 C-h for some of the mapped symbols.

Check also the input method TeX. It is pretty cool. It translates directly written TeX macros into unicode symbols. C-\ TeX RET and you're set.

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Hi, thanks for your help. But can you tell me how to input these wysiwyg characters? –  user3173715 Feb 26 at 9:12
@user3173715: if you use Evil, then you can do the degree in insert mode with C-k DG. If not, there should be something under C-x 8 but I haven't really used that feature. –  progo Feb 26 at 10:16
I found a solution. Thank you anyway. And can you suggest me something about the input of micrometer unit in org-mode? –  user3173715 Feb 26 at 10:45
@user3173715: out of sheer luck, the first key turned out to be correct: C-x 8 u provides the letter µ. BTW, C-x 8 o gives °. –  progo Feb 26 at 13:07
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