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I am using shell script. My requirement is to find and replace the string. The string contains "/" char as well. I am getting error sed: -e expression #1, char 18: unterminated `s' command. Can someone tell how should i replace the string which has "/"?


sed -i 's|${line}|${rep}/g' MasterConfiguration.xml

I tried using another sed command but that one also gave error sed: -e expression #1, char 13: unknown option to `s'

sed -e "s/${line}/${rep}/g" MasterConfiguration.xml > tempfile
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double quote for your sed action part instead of single quote if you want substitution of variable content, the last /g should be |g because you start your s action wiuth a |and not a /. Also search string must ideally escape the dot character in this case. –  NeronLeVelu Feb 26 '14 at 9:24

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You can try this sed,

sed -i "s#${line}#${rep}#g" MasterConfiguration.xml


Instead you have,

sed -i "s|${line}|${rep}/g" MasterConfiguration.xml

It should be,

sed -i "s|${line}|${rep}|g" MasterConfiguration.xml


sed "s|pattern|replacement|g"
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Whenever you deal with shell-variables you have to get them out of the "sed-string":

For example:

sed -e "s/"${line}"/"${rep}"/g" MasterConfiguration.xml > tempfile

Otherwise sed will treat the chars as-is and search for ${line} literally: enter image description here
As you see, nothing happens here.

Furthermore, if your variables contain / you need to use another delimiter for sed. I tend to use ~ in such a case, but you're free to use other chars - just be consequent and don't mix them like in your first example-sed-command:

sed 's~'${line}'~'${rep}'/g' //WRONG
sed 's~'${line}'~'${rep}'~g' //RIGHT

Combine both and it will work: enter image description here

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