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As seen in the code below, I am currently generating random numbers from a Normal Distribution and am selecting the ones within the -3*sigma and 3*sigma interval.
However, I now want to generate numbers such that there is a higher probability that I select numbers from outside the -3*sigma and 3*sigma interval. E.g. a number from [-4*sigma -3*sigma) should have 35% probability of being chosen and same for [3*sigma 4*sigma).
Basically, I'll be calling this function several times and am wondering if there is a way for me to select a higher proportion of random numbers from the "tails" of the normal distribution, without actually altering the shape of the normal distribution.
I have been told to use a "Rejection sampling algorithm" or the "Metropolis-Hastings algorithm" for this problem. I am struggling to understand how to implement either. Could someone provide a slight push in the right direction? I'm using

N = pdf('Normal',136e9-(3*9.067e9):1e8:136e9+(3*9.067e9),136e9,9.067e9)  

to first generate a pdf to draw from. However, I am then unsure which I should take as my "target distribution" and which I should take as the "proposed distribution".

function [new_E11, new_E22] = elasticmodulusrng()

new_E11 = normrnd(136e9,9.067e9,[1 1]);

new_E22 = normrnd(8.9e9,2.373e9,[1 1]);

while new_E11<=-3*9.067e9 && new_E11>=3*9.067e9
        new_E11 = normrnd(136e9,9.067e9,[1 1]);

while new_E11<=-3*2.373e9 && new_E11>=3*2.373e9
        new_E22 = normrnd(8.9e9,2.373e9,[1 1]);


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Could you use another distribution with a mean at -3*sigma and use this dsitribution to select your samples? Like a window. Then the tails would be selected more often. – kkuilla Feb 26 '14 at 8:54
@kkuilla So, would you suggest using the "previous" Normal Distributions sigma as equivalent to 4* Sigma this time? But, my only worry is that I would then get points that wouldn't actually appear on the "previous" Distribution. Or are you suggesting using the Rejection Sampling algo, where I could take the previous Distribution as the proposed distribution and the tail normal as the target distribution, such that I would get the samples common to them (Is this possible?) – Jojo Feb 26 '14 at 9:02
My understanding is that you want the tails to be drawn more often than the mean. My suggestion would be to generate a second distribution with a mean of 4*sigma of the first one. Draw the value from the second distribution (x-coordinate if you wo wish) but the probablility from the fist one (y-coordinate). Sort of a Mixture of Gaussians. I don't know enough about your application to say whether you would get points that wouldn't appear on the previous distribution. – kkuilla Feb 26 '14 at 9:23
It might be because of your application but I do wonder though why you would use normal distribution if you want to select the tails more often than the mean.... – kkuilla Feb 26 '14 at 9:26
@kkuilla Thanks. Well, its because I am looking at a parameter which has a variability that can be depicted via a Normal Distribution. But, I want to see what effects I will get by choosing a larger number of values from the tails of this distribution and inputting it into an Equation which is dependant on this variable. Do you know how I would obtain the probability from the first-distribution associated with a point sampled from the second distribution? – Jojo Feb 26 '14 at 9:37

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