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So the transparent background problem is solved. Now, every time I show the form (or have to have it repainted), I get a lot of flickering. Is there any way I can not update the screen until the paint event is complete, or any other way to stop the 1/2 second of flickering and flashing while all the objects are being painted?

ANSWER: Double buffering is the way to go. I was already double buffering on the control, but it has to be set on the form. I though double buffering only worked when you were subclassing OnPaint yourself.

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Did you try setting the DoubleBuffered property for the form?

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Double Buffering might help, another thing you might want to try is:




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DoubleBuffered increases resource requirements, but is more likely to be effective. Suspend/ResumeLayout() reduce resource requirements, but are less likely to be effective. –  Joel Coehoorn Oct 21 '08 at 0:07

Set the DoubleBuffered Property on the form.

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