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Is there a way of using Control.OldException in newer ghc (>= 7.6.2) ?

I basically need them for one of the RWH chapter which uses lot of those type signatures including the type Exception.

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Try to translate the old code to the new base instead. For example, use SomeException instead of Exception. There's actually only one point where Threw and therefore Exception would be used:

    result <- try body
    putMVar state (either Threw (const Finished) result)

Note that you cannot derive Eq in ThreadStatus any longer, since SomeException isn't an instance of Eq:

data ThreadStatus = Running
                  | Finished
                  | Threw SomeException
                    deriving (Show)

Minimal example

{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances #-}
import Data.Maybe (fromJust)
import Control.Exception (SomeException, try, throw, Exception)

-- other code and imports stay the same, with the exception of ThreadStatus:

data ThreadStatus = Running
                  | Finished
                  | Threw SomeException
                    deriving (Show)

-- all thread manager functions stay the same

instance Exception String -- just for demonstration

main = do
  man <- newManager
  tid  <- forkManaged man (throw "Oh no, an exception happened")
  m <- waitFor man tid
  case fromJust m of
    Threw e -> putStrLn . show $ e
    _       -> return ()
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