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I have a string say /jrfServer_domain/jrfServer_admin/HelloWorld , now all I want is HelloWorld . How can I extract it from such strings ? In this case my delimiter is / . I'm very new to python.

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Using str.rfind and slice notation:

In [725]: t='/jrfServer_domain/jrfServer_admin/HelloWorld'

In [726]: t[t.rfind('/')+1:]
Out[726]: 'HelloWorld'
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what does t[t.rfind('/')+1:] exactly do ? –  h4ck3d Feb 26 at 9:33
@Droider t.rfind('/') finds the right-most index of '/' within t. If that index was stored in k, the expression would be t[k+1:] that is a string slice and means “take everything from the index k+1 up to the end”. –  poke Feb 26 at 9:38
t.rfind('/') returns the index of the last / in the list, so the index of H from HelloWorld is the +1, and [foo:bar] is returning a slice –  zmo Feb 26 at 9:38
@Droider see edited links ;) –  zhangxaochen Feb 26 at 9:43

You can use str.rpartition like this

data = "/jrfServer_domain/jrfServer_admin/HelloWorld"
# HelloWorld
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print(data.rpartition("/")[-1]) would be smarter –  zmo Feb 26 at 9:33
@zmo Accessing the same element in two different ways :) –  thefourtheye Feb 26 at 9:34
indeed, but the way I'm suggesting works whatever the / partitioned string is. –  zmo Feb 26 at 9:34
@Droider -1 means the least element in the result of data.rpartition("/"), -2 is the last but one :) –  thefourtheye Feb 26 at 9:36
No, rpartition exists for all strings. But seriously, just try it! –  poke Feb 26 at 9:39
>>> s = '/jrfServer_domain/jrfServer_admin/HelloWorld'
>>> s.split('/')[-1]
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Nope, this will not be as efficient as the other methods, since it has to split the entire string based on / –  thefourtheye Feb 26 at 9:42
Yes sir I get that, I think "rfind" would be more efficient. –  Tanveer Alam Feb 26 at 9:46
s.rsplit('/', 1)[-1] –  falsetru Feb 26 at 9:46

You can use os.path.basename:

>>> import os
>>> s = '/jrfServer_domain/jrfServer_admin/HelloWorld'
>>> os.path.basename(s)
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>>> s=r'/jrfServer_domain/jrfServer_admin/HelloWorld'
>>> s.split('/')[-1]

maybe you should update your delimiter in your question to "/"

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