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When I try to call method of other class from another class it says error message that,

Attempt to call field 'LoadShift' (a nil value)

Here's my code, loginpage1.lua

local LoadShift = nil;
function LoadShift()



local loginObj = require("com.classess.loginpage1")

What's the problem with my code, Please help me to solve this issue

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Make your custom class like this

------------Your class LoadShift---------------
    local LoadShift = {}
    function LoadShift:LoadShiftFunc()
        --do somthing
    return LoadShift

then require it and call that function like


local LoadShift= require "LoadShift"
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I did, It doessnt worked –  Fazil Feb 26 at 11:31
@Fazil: Check the spelling and capitalization of your LUA class. Is it named as 'LoadShift.lua' ..? Then only the above code will work... –  Krishna Raj Salim Feb 26 at 11:49
i did no spell mistake –  Fazil Feb 26 at 11:51
@Fazil: RAIS's answer has to work. Refer the following link also: stackoverflow.com/questions/18205978/… –  Krishna Raj Salim Feb 26 at 12:03

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