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I have upgraded a project to the MFC feature pack and included the new VisualManager Office2007 styles. I have updated all instances of CToolBar to CMFCToolBar and succesfully docked them underneath the CMFCMenuBar (there are 7 different toolbars all on one line using DockPaneLeftOf). When I maximise/restore the main frame, sometimes the toolbars shift position to the centre of the frame unexpectedly and I have to manually drag them all back to the left hand side.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start application and maximise window
  2. Restore window to an arbitrary size
  3. Close app
  4. Restart app (should load to the restored window size due to registry settings)
  5. Maximise window - the toolbars are now aligned incorrectly

I have found a workaround to this by overriding the LoadState of the CWinAppEx and just returning TRUE, however this means the last used VisualManager is also not persisted. I can call PreLoadState inside my LoadState and then the VisualManager is persisted but I don't know what else I have now 'lost' from the saved registry settings.

Firstly, has anyone else come across this/ is it a known issue? Secondly, is this the correct way of dealing with this problem or should I perhaps be docking in a different manner. I am interested to hear any different solutions.

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