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I created a simple catalyst application and added ACL authorization to it by follow the cpan documentation. code like

use Catalyst qw/
extends 'Catalyst';
# Start the application

__PACKAGE__->deny_access_unless_any('/manage/test', [qw/Manager/]);
__PACKAGE__->deny_access_unless_any('/manage/test1', [qw/user/]);

In the server log it is showing

 [debug] Adding ACL rule from /home/test_apps/acltest/script/../lib/acltest.pm line 51 to the action /manage/test with sort index 0
[debug] Adding ACL rule from /home/test_apps/acltest/script/../lib/acltest.pm line 52 to all the actions under /manage/test1
[debug] ... manage/test1/index at sort index 1
[info] *** Request 1 (0.000/s) [7134] [Wed Feb 26 04:14:02 2014] ***
[debug] Path is "manage/test1"
[debug] "GET" request for "manage/test1" from ""
[debug] running ACL rule CODE(0x5072c48) defined at /home/test_apps/acltest/script/../lib/acltest.pm line 52 on manage/test1/index
[error] Caught exception in ->ACL error rethrower "Access to manage/test1/index denied by rule CODE(0x5072c48) (defined at /home/test_apps/acltest/script/../lib/acltest.pm line 52)."

But i created another application that maintain session for a particular user in the application and use authentication also. i added the same ACL rule in this application but, in server log,

    [debug] Adding ACL rule from /home/acl/script/../lib/acl.pm line 150 to the action /manage/tests with sort index 0
[debug] Adding ACL rule from /home/acl/script/../lib/acl.pm line 151 to the action /manage/tests/new with sort index 0
[info] *** Request 1 (0.002/s) [8454] [Wed Feb 26 03:59:45 2014] ***
[debug] Path is "manage/tests/new"
[debug] "GET" request for "manage/test/new" from ""
[debug] Found sessionid "oBkt8U6jF3ZebLVlnbekFZQ7tgA/oGhR7ars4bEPNc-IQ-lH1vehqDk" in cookie

in the above log it seems like ACL is not running

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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Which Plugin / Module are you using? We need to see more of your code and less of your logs. State your actions, expectations and result. Can you edit your question like this please? –  Neil Lunn Feb 26 at 10:38
i edited the question(added code in the beginning). The module which i used is same in both application. –  Viuu -a Feb 26 at 11:21

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