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I'm using the jeditable plugin for making some values editable. I noticed that when a value is empty the default text 'Click top edit' appears which I don't want. But I still want to make that field editable too. How to manage this?

I noticed a suggestion at http://www.datatables.net/forums/discussion/5865/jeditable-and-default-click-to-edit/p1, but that does not seem to work - at least not for me; when using the placeholder : "" the field is not editable anymore.

My related code:

$('.edit').editable('edit_save.php', {
            cancel    : 'Cancel',
            submit    : 'OK'
});//$('.edit').editable('jeditable_save.php', {
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Without any text to fill it, the editable element needs to be an inline block with height and width like this:

.edit { border: 1px solid red; display: inline-block; min-height: 20px; min-width: 100px; }

and set a blank placeholder like you mentioned:

$('.edit').editable(function (value, settings) { return value; }, { cssclass: 'editing', placeholder: '', });

See this fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/chrisdillon/37JqF/

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