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I am developing a solution in C # and I need to add a few buttons to TabbedPanel. Happens that debugger adds only one and even a single button.

 public void AddDrinkstoTabbedpanel(TabPage tp)

              List<string> drinks = new List<string>();//New list empty
              food foo = new food();//Call food to get drinks
              string []product =;//string product [] = (drink)
              foreach (string value in product)//(string value in product)//for any "value" in product 

                  Button bt = new Button();
                  bt.Size = new Size(100, 100);





I previously define an array with some items and now i need to add a button for each item founded, how can I modify this code given above to get what I want.

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From your code, it seems that various buttons are added, but you cannot see them because they have the same location (one on top of other). – varocarbas Feb 26 '14 at 10:48
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Change the Location for all buttons. They are being created but at the same position and look like one.

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