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How would you find all the first/top values in a query that uses a group by? So I want to find the first record in each grouped month:

class Log < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs to :foo
  attr_accessible :month, :votes, :foo_id
  # ...

So in the model above I want to retrieve the records that have the most votes for each month. The records are already ordered by votes descending.

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This will filter all the data according to month wise and you can go to in it with each loop and get first record from that.

month_wise = Log.all.group_by { |t| t.created_at.beginning_of_month }

month_wise.each do |month|
puts month.first.inspect
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You can do it with group_by and map:

tops = Log.all.group_by{ |l| l.created_at.month }.map(&:first)

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