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This question is related to this question I asked before. I have multiple test files (A.t, B.t, C.t etc) created to test their respective module A, B, C & so on. But when I do a make test, it runs all the tests. But, when I'm working on a specific module say B, I'd like to run unit tests for that module. After I'm done with my changes, I'll run the whole suite.

So is there any way to do like make test B, which will run only the tests using B.t? And when I say some thing like "make test all" it runs all the tests under the "t" dir? Thanks.

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I just run the test that I want to run:

 % make; perl -Mblib t/B.t

You can do the same thing with prove, too.

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Thank you, that was really simple. –  John Feb 5 '10 at 0:14

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