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I have a task in Grunt for clean, and I have another task for copy. Basically, I clean out some stuff in one place, and then replace it with new stuff, going into the same places. I can't figure out how to map my copy.files.dest such that it uses the values from clean.env.files.src, but switches the modifier. So:

// Project settings
    yeoman: {
      // configurable paths
      app: 'app',
      dist: 'dist',
// the prod sub-block of the clean task configuration
                '<%= >/scripts',
                 '<%= >/styles',
                 '<%= >/views',
                 '<%= >/*.html',
                 '<%= >/images'        


//the prod sub-block of the copy task configuration
            cwd:'<%= yeoman.dist  %>',
            dest:'<%=  %>',
            //can i use the result files from this path, but use yeoman.dist instead of
            src:['<%= clean:prod:files:src %>'] 

I want to use the template from <%= clean:prod:files:src %> but use an alternate configuration (in other words, that task uses, whereas I want all the same files listed, and to do some would need to src from yeoman.dist instead).

Is there a way to do this via grunt syntax, or do I have to rely on my (not shown) custom function instead?

Edit, removed references to parent task, since they do not reflect what my code actually looks like.

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Always remember, Gruntfiles are javascript. They must be written in valid javascript.{} isn't valid javascript.

The dot notation used in Grunt templates, <%= %> is merely a template format to translate through javascript objects but not part of the javascript language itself.

So instead change your config to:

clean: {
  prod: {
    src: [ /* file patterns here */ ]

and then access the src property of the clean:prod task with: <%= %>.

I've taken the config out of the files array, as if you only have a single src/dest block within your target, prod, it is not needed. But if you wanted to access values from that location in the config, you have to remember files is an array. So accessing the first item of the array with the template would be: <%=[0].src %>. But it is much simpler to just not use the files array unless needed.

See for more info about javascript objects and for more info about grunt templates.

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removed the references. I wasn't actually using{}. My system works, just want to improve the configuration so it's easier to maintain, and right now I'm using a different approach to do so. If you have any tips on that, please let me know. One of the resources on objects I consider to be the best is John Resig's, [How to become a Javascript Ninja] ( Great Book. Had probably read 4 other manuals on OO javascript before then, and this was by far the best. Shame it wasn't around when I was first picking the js up – Brian Vanderbusch Feb 28 '14 at 23:18
Your edited config is still invalid. Good luck though! – Kyle Robinson Young Feb 28 '14 at 23:29
For now, my custom does what this question tries to achieve through a more sophisticated external template solution. – Brian Vanderbusch Mar 1 '14 at 1:01

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